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What is a Commercial Photographer?:

A Commercial Photographer is what most people imagine 'professional photography’ to be. Working with clients, owners and brands to create images based on their requirements or 'brief' is key to successful commercial photos. So to define Commercial Photography: If you are paying a Justin Beckley Photography based in Barnstaple, (North Devon), to create specific pictures to meet your business needs, then that is a commercial transaction. So a business shooting product, pack shots, lifestyle images, brand photos, food, property, architecture, interior design, automotive, technical - the list is endless - can be described as Professional Commercial Photographer. Clients, in most cases, can be other businesses, individuals, publishers, estate agents, holiday let, lettings agencies, advertising agencies, PR companies, property owners etc. - Really the list of clients who can seek the services of a photographer to create pictures for them is very large.

Once you are ready for custom imagery, hiring the right commercial photographer to illustrate that brand can be overwhelming.  An experienced professional photographer will be able to walk you through the process and assess possible challenges, but knowing what to expect and what kinds of questions to ask can make the experience less complicated.

Determining the Details of your Commercial Photography Project

Before going ahead, iron out as many project details as you can. It is preferable that I have as much information as possible in order to properly estimate the job and to ensure I bring the appropriate equipment to the photography shoot .

A few things to consider:

  • How many products or people do you need photographed?
  • Would you like the products or people photographed in a natural environment, such as an office or factory, or on a studio background?
  • If using a studio background, what color would you prefer (grey, black and white are standard, but other colours may be available)?
  • If shooting in a property, house for sales, holiday let, factory or office building etc., when is the least invasive time to do so?
  • What kind of post-production will you require (facial retouching, removing dust and scratches from equipment, adding skies or sunset… there’s no limit to what you can request)?
  • What will you be using the images for?  Be as detailed as possible.  For example: Website, print brochure, 1/4 page advertisement etc.
  • What are your preferred shooting days and what is your deadline?
  • What is your budget?

Once you have made contact, I will meet or speak with you as many times as necessary in order to ensure that I completely understand your end-objectives and so as to provide commercial photography to the highest standards, while encapsulating your vision accurately.

Justin Beckley Photography only uses professional equipment up to the rigours of commercial photo requirements. This includes portable professional lighting solutions, reflectors, light boxes, umbrellas, flashes, stands and triggers. Obviously it goes without saying the DSLR and lenses used, are of the highest quality. Do take a look at the equipment page on my website.

I look forward to speaking soon.

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