My recent African Wildlife Safari to Inverdoorn Game Reserve in the Western Cape, South Africa
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Saturday 20 October 2012
By Justin Beckley Photography
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Here are some of the Wildlife photography photos captured on Safari at Inverdoorn Game Reserve near Ceres just outside Cape Town in the Western Cape | South Africa in October of 2012. The images include wildlife photographers photos of the Big Five, with photos of Cheetah, Lion, Black Rhino / White Rhino, Buffalo, Zebra and Giraffe to name a few.


At Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge the vast expanse of the Little Karoo connects with a boundless African sky, only two and half hours from Cape Town in South Africa. Home to the big five, it is the largest game reserve in the region and boasts fine luxury accommodation to suits all tastes and needs. Travelling to Africa is only complete once you have embarked on a safari and with the rich biodiversity of the Little Karoo and over 1 200 animals on the reserve, a trip to Inverdoorn is an all-encompassing experience. Spanning 10 000 hectares, the privately owned game reserve ensures that the animals are able to roam free in their natural habitat and wildlife conservation remains at the forefront of everything Inverdoorn does. Winding through panoramic mountain passes and lush vineyards, you will arrive at a game reserve and luxury lodge which provides only the best in style and comfort. Driven by excellent service and a passion for conservation, all these elements come together to bring you the ultimate luxury safari. 


Grazing leisurely through the succulent treasure-trove that characterizes the floral diversity of the Karoo you'll find a myriad of buck including Wildebeest, Kudu, Eland and Oryx. You will be captivated by the monochrome markings of the Zebra or the graceful, loping gate of the 15-strong herd of giraffe, the brute power of the buffalo herd and the majestic beauty of our male Cape Barbary lion. You could observe the animals from atop the safari vehicle or from lookout points dotted throughout the reserve; or if you're lucky a family of skittish meerkat, peering out from their burrows; a rare Bat-eared Fox rooting in the scrub for a juicy dung beetle or even a cheetah or two being walked around the game lodge by their handlers. The rangers add a rich element of humour to the safari with anecdotes of the animals' antics and personalities.


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