So what is Reportage or Photo-Journalist Wedding Photography?
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Friday 24 August 2012
By Justin Beckley
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I am a Wedding Photographer based in the beautiful county of Devon who has a love of weddings and reportage wedding photography specifically.  I have developed a style that blends a contemporary photographic approach with a wedding photojournalism, non-intrusive reportage method. This has forged a truly unique wedding photography style that helps me stand out in the very crowded wedding photography market.

My approach, and style is totally unobtrusive, meaning I will not dictate, prompt or manipulate anything throughout your very special wedding day. 

The Wedding Photojournalism style is very subjective and there are lots of similar types of wedding photography out there.  Every wedding photographer should be different, and stand out from the masses that are out there and I hope you will find that with my particular style of photography.

Don’t worry of course if you want a handful of group shots though.  I fully understand the requirement for these and I will undertake any formal shots .

The style of my wedding photography leads me to be described as a wedding photojournalist, documentary wedding photographer or reportage wedding photographer.  Each of those descriptions are largely academic - all you need to know is that I specialise in truly telling the story of your wedding day, through wonderful photographs.  No prompting, no directing, no spot-colouring or contrived images from me.  Just genuine, emotion filled photographs that document your wedding day in a way that will make you want to reach for your wedding book time and time again. 

So what Is Reportage Photography? 

The art of Reportage photography is capturing an event in a documentary style. Rather than staging a series of photographs the aim is to document an event as it really happened. It was originally (as you would imagine) photojournalists who shot in this style.

The French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson is considered by many to be the founding father of this style. His use of the 35mm film format and Leica cameras is almost synonymous with reportage photography. Other well known photographers using this approach are William Eugene Smith, William Eggleston, Garry Winogrand and Robert Doisneau. 

The rules

  • Document What You See

Just a few of the defining traits of reportage are:

  • Objectivity

Because of it's roots in photo-journalism many people believe your images should show what really happens. I don't necessarily agree with this, although in true photojournalism this is paramount.

  • Narrative

The image creates a story which the viewer relates to, so even if the viewer doesn't know about the subject matter he or she can garner some kind of understanding.

  • Timeliness

The images have meaning in the context of a recently published record of events.


The reason for the attraction in couples is that, done well, the photographer can capture the most meaningful moments in a persons life and the personalities of everyone around them. From a photographers perspective, this style keeps wedding photography very fresh since everyones wedding day is subtly different and the challenge to capture the best photographs of the best moments is an exciting.

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