Top 10 Tips for Wedding Photography for the Customer & Photographer
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Friday 17 August 2012
By Justin Beckley
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This Blog attempts to help give some simple Wedding Photography Tips, whether you are the Customer about to choose a photographer, or an enthusiast wanting to become one of the top Professional Wedding Photographers in your area.

I as Justin Beckley Photography in North Devon pride myself in following these simpe rules, when either photographing as a Wedding | Commercial | Portrait | Landscape photographer / or advising customers when completing a photographic brief.

Top 10 Tips for choosing your Wedding Photographer 

Photography is the cornerstone of your wedding's memories. The right picture instantly takes you back to the happiest day of your life. Capturing your nuptials the way you envision starts with choosing a wedding photographer who is professional and experienced.

  • 01 :: Meet the photographer in person wherever possible 
  • 02 :: Does the photographer’s work move you 
  • 03 :: Do your homework 
  • 04 :: Be clear about your vision and your preferences 
  • 05 :: Decide on the style of photography that you like 
  • 06 :: Decide on your budget 
  • 07 :: Remember quantity doesn’t mean quality 
  • 08 :: Ask for trustworthy references 
  • 09 :: Choose someone you and your guests will get on with 
  • 10 :: Spend time choosing your shots for your album 

Top 10 Tips for the Wedding Photographer 

In wedding photography, preparation is as important as the shooting stage. If you are well prepared you won’t have any problems when taking the pictures and you won’t miss any photo opportunity. As a wedding photographer, you don’t have the right to make mistakes

  • 01 :: Create a ‘Shot List’ 
  • 02 :: Assign a Wedding Photography Family Photo Coordinator 
  • 03 :: Scout the Location 
  • 04 :: In Wedding Photography, preparation is key 
  • 05 :: Agree expectations with the Couple 
  • 06 :: Sometimes close-ups are better from far away 
  • 07 :: Shoot the small details 
  • 08 :: Use Two Cameras 
  • 09 :: Expect the Unexpected 
  • 10 :: Be Bold but not Obtrusive 

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Claire Bisset - Thanks for this. It will help when choosing and briefing the photographs for our special event.